Better solutions, better buy-in, better engagement

In health and safety there is no silver bullet. Safety excellence is a complicated thing and there’s no simple, magical solution. And yet, consider this. Do you know of any organisation that excels at safety management that doesn’t also have a strong team-working ethic? For the very best organisations, collaboration is the order of the day for they have learned, through experience, that: – i. the best solutions to safety problems come, not from guidance notes or codes of practice necessarily, but from key stakeholders collaborating to identify what will work best for the situation at hand; ii. managers exercise responsibility and demonstrate ownership when they are listened to, when the constraints in which they operate are appreciated and they’re supported accordingly; and iii. employees engage and look out for each other when they feel valued, when they are listened to and when they’re involved. The attributes of a good collaborator are curiosity, empathy, questioning skills and of course, active listening skills – and these are the attributes of a good coach too for coaching and collaborating are essentially one and the same thing. Coaches exist to be collaborative and supportive and to help others perform better. Or, as Executive Coach Janice Caplan puts it, “a coach is a collaborative partner who works with the learner to help them achieve goals, solve problems, learn and develop.”  We think that’s a pretty good definition of a modern safety practitioner too. What do you...

Coaching for safety – Northampton

A culture in which colleagues collaborate is obviously key to excellent safety performance. Collaboration leads to better solutions to safety problems which in turn leads to less risk in the workplace. Collaboration leads to better buy-in by management which leads to more ownership. And collaboration leads to better employee engagement which ultimately leads to safer behaviour. Collaboration may not be a silver-bullet as far as developing a safety culture is concerned, but it may very well be the closest there is to one. IOSH Approved Coaching for safety has been designed to provide the skills that under-pin a collaborative approach. It is a unique, highly-participative programme arranged around a core of live coaching conversations all involving real-life experiences the delegates bring themselves – there is absolutely no role play. The course content will complement any technical knowledge delegates have acquired through NEBOSH or other similar courses, and help delegates develop the kind of collaborative style and approach that organisations value so highly. Download an information sheet here Whether safety is only a part of your role or you’re a full-time safety professional, IOSH Approved Coaching for safety is unlike any other course – don’t miss out. When                Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th April 2016 Where              Holiday Inn Express, Loake Close, Grange Park, Northampton NN4 5EZ Price                 £499 + VAT Early-bird      £425 + VAT, available until 29th February 2016 Book today by calling Michael on 01706 217122 or 07921914099 or email