“An exceptional learning experience”

Gradually gradually over several years, IOSH Approved Coaching for safety has been slowly maturing and gaining recognition. For reasons we didn’t fully appreciate at first, it’s taken time for the course to achieve the reputation it now enjoys. Firstly, coaching is widely misunderstood. It isn’t what most people think it is and few give it the credit it deserves. And secondly, the safety profession’s fixation with technical knowledge, NEBOSH this and NEBOSH that, has obscured the value of soft skills in general and coaching skills in particular.

We’re delighted with the progress IOSH Approved Coaching for safety has made and from our current vantage point, we can see the value of its gradual evolution. When delegates say of it, “this is inspired, one day we’ll all learn these skills,” and when they refer to it as “an exceptional learning experience” we’re genuinely chuffed to bits. But the feedback following this week’s course in Leeds was especially resounding, as you can see from the feedback sheet above.

IOSH Blueprint is the new competency framework for OSH professionals and organisations across all industry sectors. Developed by IOSH and a cross-sector group of industry experts, it will set the standard for ‘what good looks like’ in OSH competence.

When a prominent member of the IOSH Council and a former President of the institution, who attended the Leeds course, says “this is essential for the soft skills element of the IOSH Blueprint competency framework”, it’s an indication that we must be doing something right, don’t you think?

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