Coaching for safety (Approved by IOSH) – Challenging assumptions

In the context of coaching for safety, safety practitioners who are coaches support duty-holders and others in their exploration of safety problems with a view to finding the most reasonably practicable solution.

Breaking through a wallIt’s worth reflecting that the most reasonably practicable solution is the one that works best for the duty-holder as only then will the solution be owned and sustained. The challenge for the practitioner is to ensure that the solution that works best for the duty-holder also satisfies legal requirements and standards.

Assumptions can be obstacles to clear thinking and exploration. The most tenacious block to new ideas is a limiting assumption according to Nancy Kline.¹ The role of the coach is to support the coachee in identifying the assumption – the coachee may not be fully conscious of it or of its obstructive power – and challenge it.

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