Coaching for safety (Approved by IOSH) Linked-In group

I’m extremely pleased to announce the creation of a coaching for safety group on Linked-In. Coaching for safety (Approved by IOSH) was created to promote coaching skills for safety practitioners.

Positive engagement NEWTwo common mis-conceptions about coaching for safety are: –

1. Coaching is about demonstrating an ability you have to others so that they become better at it. It isn’t, not at all – coaching is about much more than that; and

2. Coaching for safety is related to behavioural safety. It isn’t – but we do believe that taking the time to develop coaching skills before a behavioural safety implementation is vital if some of the more problematic aspects of behavioural safety are to be managed.

Practitioners who are coaches use highly developed listening and questioning skills to explore with duty-holders the problems they face and identify the most suitable solutions for them. We believe that without coaching skills, practitioners fall short of their true potential; technically proficient perhaps, but ultimately ill-equipped to provide the support managers and others need.

However, combined with the specialist knowledge and understanding qualified safety practitioners have about the law and the standards that have to be achieved and how other organisations have solved problems, coaching skills help practitioners to be the valuable, collaborative partners businesses need them to be.

We encourage fair and constructive debate, professional development and knowledge sharing. If you have any feedback, comments or ideas, your voice is crucial and it will be heard – here.

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