Coaching for safety (Approved by IOSH) – What do safety people actually do?

One of the reasons many safety practitioners enjoy the role is its scope – one day is simply never the same as another – but what is the function of the safety professional in an organisation and what is it that practitioners actually do?

Health and safety officerWhen asked what the role of a safety practitioner is, the sorts of answers practitioners themselves typically provide suggest that a fundamental part of the role is interacting with others in the workplace from senior managers, to line managers and shop-floor workers. It is interesting to reflect then on the technical nature of the safety role as it is often perceived to be.

Clearly the safety practitioner is informed by his/her technical knowledge and understanding in all that they do. That said, the success of the interactions practitioners report they have, and ultimately the effectiveness of the practitioner, must depend to some degree on the communication skills of the practitioner and his/her ability to form a productive alliance with others.

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