Coaching for safety (Approved by IOSH) – What is coaching?

I’m probably not the only safety practitioner to have characterised him/herself as a coach – plenty do. For me, having to develop the safety skills of a team of people positioned around an organisation, each with a high degree of local knowledge and influence, so that they might coordinate safety initiatives on my behalf, was the reason I began to regard what I did as a practitioner, as ‘coaching’.

Having recruited several practitioners, and therefore having interviewed dozens, I know that this is a common interpretation of what coaching is amongst safety people – being able to do something well and instructing others in it and demonstrating to them how it’s done, much as a swimming instructor might at the local pool.

But as important as these skills are, they’re not coaching skills; they’re simply being able to provide information, instruction and training. And in actual fact, real coaching skills are altogether more exciting and more important to the modern safety practitioner, at least to those aspiring to reach senior positions within the profession.

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