Coaching for safety wins Oil & Gas Safety Council accreditation

We are delighted to announce that Coaching for safety has been accredited by the Oil & Gas Safety Council (OGSC), the internationally recognised not-for-profit organisation dedicated to leading the change in safety for the oil and gas community.

We’ve long since believed that Coaching for safety has a natural home in the oil and gas sector; the maturity of its safety systems and the prominence of behavioural safety emphasise the importance of communication skills and a collaborative approach. The fact that in oil and gas, many safety people have the title Safety Coach, is also clear evidence of this recognition.

In safety, the ultimate goal is an interdependent culture in which employees protect each other and help each other to conform. But discussing safety and, in particular, challenging unsafe behaviours is fraught with difficulty. Done well it is the under-pinning of a positive safety culture. Done badly it can undermine all other safety effort.

Increasingly, we’re finding that the skills that facilitate collaboration are very much in demand and for obvious reasons. Imagine if safety people not only knew about the law and about standards and how other organisations solved problems, but they were equipped also with the ability to collaborate with and support their colleagues – just imagine the potent force for change they could be.

We’re thrilled that Coaching for safety now has OGSC accreditation as well as IOSH Approval. Brilliant!

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