Culture building – an introductory guide

How to improve the culture of an organisation is something that occupies the thoughts of many professionals, including occupational safety and health (OSH) practitioners. For some, it is a natural next step in the evolution of their approach. For others, it is an altogether more desperate attempt to fix a stubborn obstacle preventing all progress.

Where ever it is that the journey begins and whatever the original motivation, ‘culture change’ remains for many a vague and elusive goal.

BS ISO 45001:2018 outlines the requirements of a management system for occupational safety and health. Its stated objectives are to help an organisation manage health and safety risks, improve its health and safety performance and fulfil its legal obligations. Interestingly, top management are required to develop a culture within the organisation that supports these intended outcomes … but such a culture is not itself an intended outcome of the system.

So what do you do? If you feel that your culture is holding you back and you want to do something about improving it, and this will not be achieved by improving your management system, extending its reach or making it more robust … what do you do?

Do you employ some sort of diagnostic problem-solving technique like fault-tree analysis or 5-Whys Analysis? What does your experience of those techniques tell you about what’s likely to happen if you do? It’s likely that you’ll become embroiled in increasing amounts of detail concerned mostly with all that’s currently wrong with your culture. It’s likely that you’ll end up wishing there was some other way, an alternative, more positive and more solutions-focused approach, that circumvents the need to dissect all that is currently wrong.

‘Culture building – an introductory guide’ has been written to support those who wish to improve the culture of their organisation by providing a fresh perspective into what culture is and how it can be influenced following a systematic and solution-building approach.

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