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How to improve the culture of an organisation is something that occupies the thoughts of many professionals, including occupational safety and health (OSH) practitioners. But it is also true that the phrase ‘culture change’ is used so often these days that it is fast becoming drab and almost meaningless, a platitude.

Try this … the next time you hear someone in the workplace use the phrase ‘culture change’, ask them what they mean by it. Do they hesitate, trip over their words and seem unsure? Many do.

If you are looking to achieve a change in culture with a view to healthier and safer outcomes, are the plans that you have going to deliver the culture you want? What are your plans? What is it you want?

This publication outlines an approach for navigating your way to a better culture and it shows why it is, that when it comes to culture change, coaching is the nearest thing to a silver bullet there is.

Access the publication here.

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