Health and safety vision statement

Whatever the stage of your health and safety development, the importance of communication in health and safety cannot be over-stated. This is particularly true for those looking for an improvement in their health and safety performance.

The ability to describe the future you desire in terms that employees can understand is a crucially important part of change management. It helps people visualise the journey you want them to take and helps ensure the decisions they make are consistent with the journey, rather than counter-productive to it.

At Securus Health & Safety we have developed a simple format for a health and safety vision statement. It describes the future at one, three and five-yearly intervals in various terms e.g. accident performance, legal compliance and cultural development. Not only is it an important public commitment, it is crucial to the health and safety planning process, enabling the business to identify the tactical and structural changes that may need to be made in order that it can reach its goals.

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