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To find out where you are on the H&S Radar and receive a free report on the health of your health and safety arrangements, please complete the simple Look At, Look For diagnostic below.


This diagnostic outlines the essential elements of a health and safety system and the characteristics of a system that is working effectively and efficiently. In short, it describes what good looks like. Simple though the diagnostic is, it reflects and is consistent with the internationally recognised specification BS OHSAS 18001 and the requirements of Regulation 5 of the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

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1. Our policies are clear and concise.

2. Our employees cannot help but be aware of our policies.

3. Our policy statements are comprehensive, they cover all the risks in our business.

4. We audit compliance with our policies.

5. We have planned reviews of our policies.


1. Roles and responsibilities for health and safety are absolutely clear.

2. We consult with our employees on health and safety matters.

3. We encourage our employees to raise health and safety issues.

4. We have a simple process for reporting dangers.

5. We communicate well with our employees so that they get the message.

6. We have defined what health and safety training is required for each job.

7. All of our employees have the health and safety training they need to do their job safely.

8. We have access to competent help on health and safety matters.

Planning and Implementing

1. Our approach to risk assessment is systematic.

2. Our procedures ensure that employees are involved in assessing risks.

3. We have clear processes for making sure that what needs to be done, gets done.

4. Our risk assessments are integrated into our work instructions.

5. Employees are trained to follow our work instructions.

6. Risk assessments are reviewed as a matter of course following an accident.

7. In any event, risk assessments are reviewed on a planned basis.

Measuring Performance

1. We monitor our accident performance.

2. We benchmark internally and externally.

3. We have active performance measures e.g. housekeeping audits, guarding audits etc.

4. We set targets.

5. We develop plans to achieve our targets.

6. We monitor progress against our plans.


1. Our audits are independent i.e. they are carried out by someone outside the department.

2. All areas of the business are audited.

3. We audit against an agreed set of criteria.

4. The results of audits are evidence based.

5. We audit the response to audits.

6. Occasionally we are audited by someone from outside the business.


1. We use all of the information gathered to help us decide how well we are doing.

2. We review our performance regularly.

3. We review at different levels within the organisation.

4. Our reviews are such that, if things aren't going to plan, we can respond quickly.

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