IOSH Approved Engagement for safety

In safety, the ultimate goal is an interdependent culture in which employees protect each other and help each other to conform. But discussing safety and, in particular, challenging unsafe behaviours is fraught with difficulty. Done well it is the under-pinning of a positive safety culture. Done badly it can undermine all other safety effort.

Engagement for safety is a unique, highly-participative workshop designed to provide line managers, supervisors and others with essential communication skills. Delegates learn to engage confidently and positively applying a world-famous coaching model to health and safety with a view, ultimately, to resolving workplace problems and understanding and eliminating unsafe behaviours.

IOSH Approved Engagement for safety is a 1-day training programme which includes: –

Module 1         Introduction

Module 2        Talking about safety (a demonstration of a positive engagement)

Module 3        Questioning

Module 4        The GROW Model (a template for a positive engagement)

Module 5        Engagement skills session 1

Module 6        Listening

Module 7        Engagement skills session 2

Module 8        Engagement skills session 3

End Test         Successful candidates receive an IOSH Certificate