If there was one piece of advice

A former colleague recently started his first Health & Safety Manager job for a small manufacturer in the North West.

He’s been a practitioner for some years but this would be the first time he’s been at the helm, ploughing his own furrow so to speak. When I spoke to him this week the reality of the task was just setting in. He asked me what my one piece of advice for him would be and I didn’t really have to think that long before giving an answer.

Better health and safety performance in the long run comes from developing the sort of arrangements required by the Management Regs. There will always be other people’s fires to fight but a Health & Safety Manager needs a compass to keep him on the path and prevent him from chasing his own tail. I reminded him of the step-by-step process that can be found elsewhere on this site and we talked about some of the things we’d worked on together over the years. He seemed reassured.

He called again the following day. His boss had agreed to pay me for mentoring and coaching him 1-day a month until further notice. I’m really looking forward to it.

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