IOSH publication on coaching for safety goes live

As red letter days go, today Wednesday 29th March 2017 is red indeed. For it is today that the long awaited IOSH publication ‘Coaching for safety – an introductory guide’ goes live in the Books and Resources section of the IOSH website. Written by yours truly in collaboration with renowned Coach and author Jenny Rogers, the guide aims to provide practitioners with a basic understanding of the soft skill of coaching.

Today marks a significant milestone for us. Our Coaching for safety course first came to market in 2013 and we quickly learned two important lessons. Firstly, how little the safety profession in the UK valued soft skills relative to technical knowledge and understanding. And secondly, we learned how widely misunderstood ‘coaching’ is. That the professional body has endorsed the use of coaching skills to enable practitioners to engage with others to improve occupational safety and health outcomes is, understandably, music to our ears.

We couldn’t have put it better than Kate Field, Head of Information and Intelligence at IOSH, who says “There is an increasing acceptance within the occupational safety and health profession that a knowledge of the law and compliance standards is not enough. To succeed and be effective, an occupational safety and health professional needs to engage and influence at all levels within a business. The role is increasingly collaborative, supportive, challenging and helpful – the characteristics of a coach. This guide provides a first step on that journey.”

Download a copy of ‘Coaching for safety – an introductory guide’ here.

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