“One of the most valuable and engaging courses I have attended.”

We love Coaching for safety courses, they hardly seem like work at all. Last week’s for Ervia in Dublin, presented jointly with Thomas Keane of KSi, was especially rewarding. When the room is full of highly-engaged delegates immersed and collaborating to help each other learn new skills, the instructor’s job is a joy. And when delegates describe the experience as “one of the most valuable and engaging courses I have attended,” it really doesn’t get much better.

What is it that engages people so? Coaching is all about collaboration – coaches exit to be collaborative and supportive and to help their colleagues and clients perform better. If you attend IOSH Approved Coaching for safety, you will spend two days learning and practicing the skills and techniques that under-pin a collaborative approach. This will enable you, in turn, to help others be better at what they do.

You will learn that curiosity drives collaboration and that where you focus your curiosity is a choice. And you will learn what the ‘active’ in active listening really means and why one delegate remarked, “there’s so much being communicated I had no idea. It could be exhausting.” 

The way we see it is that technical knowledge is important of course, but alone it’s not enough. We believe that it’s the ability to collaborate that distinguishes the very best practitioners from the rest. And if you can coach, then you’re able to support your colleagues and clients even when you have little or no technical knowledge to contribute.

One of the reasons we love it so much is that we know that by helping you be the best you can be, we’re also helping your colleagues and clients perform better at protecting people.

Talk about win, win, win …

Find out more by calling Michael on 0792 191 4099 or emailing him at Michael@securushealthandsafety.co.uk today.

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