Practitioner diploma in coaching

I’m now two-thirds the way through a Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching course with the Academy of Executive Coaching in London and it is quite simply the most important course I’ve attended since my NEBOSH Diploma studies almost twenty years ago.

All practitioners know that solutions to health and safety problems have to be practicable otherwise they won’t be sustained. Practitioners know about the law and the standards that need to be achieved but they rarely fully understand and appreciate the pressures and operational constraints that exist within departments and which influence the choices open to managers. So the skills required by the practitioner in helping identify what is practicable go far beyond the technical skills taught on NEBOSH and other similar courses.

Practitioners who are coaches believe that managers and others have the solutions to problems or at least know a great deal about what would and wouldn’t work and they use coaching skills to draw that vital information out.

I’m sure I’m not alone in appreciating the importance of coaching skills for safety practitioners. I just can’t believe that opportunities to learn about them aren’t more readily available.

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