Safety Coaching & Mentoring

What are coaching and mentoring?

According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), coaching and mentoring are both development techniques based on the use of discussions to enhance the skills, knowledge or work performance of an individual. Coaching is a non-directive form of development where a trained coach, using advanced listening skills and by asking insightful questions, pulls ideas, suggestions and plans from the coachee. Mentoring uses the same skills but is generally used to describe a situation where a more experienced colleague uses his/her greater knowledge and understanding to support the development of another.

The fundamental objective of coaching is an alliance between the coach and the coachee which serves the coachee’s agenda. Responsibility for finding the solution to a problem remains firmly with the coachee; the coach is simply there to support the coachee in his/her exploration of the options.

How does this apply to safety?

Many safety practitioners characterise themselves as coaches but in actual fact, when presented with a particular situation few are able to describe the process they would follow. As qualified coaches accredited with the Academy of Executive coaching (AoEC) in London, we’re able to use our coaching skills in a variety of ways. For example: –

Management coaching

If you’re a business leader concerned about your safety performance, or a line manager trying to find the most practicable solution to a health and safety problem, we can support you.

If you’re starting from scratch, our Health & Safety Development programme provides a clear road-map to better health and safety compliance. Or if you’re just not getting the return you deserve from all of your effort to date, we can support you in finding a better way.

Whether you have a health and safety resource already and your looking for short term leadership and coordination, or you have no health and safety resource, no matter, we’ll use our coaching skills to support you.


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Practitioner coaching

The scope and variety of issues that fall within the remit of ‘health and safety’ is vast and keeping on top of them can feel chaotic and stressful. In addition, influencing others who have other priorities and over whom you have no executive authority can be challenging in the extreme. We’ve been there, we know how demanding it can be.

If you’re a practitioner, no matter how experienced or how qualified you are, occasions arise when you need support. We’re here to provide that support, whether it’s in terms of your general development – helping you be the best practitioner you can be – or in making progress with some specific aspect of health and safety management. Our coaching skills will help expand and clarify your thinking and enable you to identify those solutions that seem so elusive.


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Coaching for safety

Increasingly organisations are looking for practitioners who are collaborative, supportive and helpful – all defining characteristics of a coach. IOSH Approved Coaching for safety is a unique, highly interactive training event designed to equip safety people with coaching skills with a view to increasing their effectiveness in the workplace.


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Michael Emery

Michael Emery

Career Health & Safety Practitioner

“Hello, I’m Michael Emery and as a career practitioner for almost 30-years, I know how challenging managing health and safety can be, for duty holders and for practitioners. As a qualified coach, accredited with the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC), I’ve seen time and again how coaching skills can change thinking and unlock possibilities.


Whatever your health and safety problem, call now and let us help you with it.”