So you can’t afford a full-time safety adviser?

It’s a familiar cry and all too often the reason why business leaders do too little to protect themselves, their organisations and their employees.

The fact is that most small businesses, and some medium size ones, probably don’t need a full-time safety practitioner. What you need is someone who’ll understand you and your particular circumstances and who has the knowledge and understanding to help you: –

Step 1 determine which regulations apply to you and what your priorities are;

Step 2 assess who needs to do what;

Step 3 understand what the training requirements are in your organisation and how they can be met;

Step 4 identify and control the risks in your business;

Step 5 measure how well you’re doing; and

Step 6 develop a way of checking that things are happening as they should.

At which point you’ll probably be able to manage alone with minimal on-going support.

Inertia is a terrible thing. Please don’t let it be the reason for you and your organisation to suffer the legal, financial and reputational damage others do. If all you do is step 1 and implement your priorities, you’ll have taken a big step and you’ll sleep more soundly.

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