Sold Out – Again

We’re delighted that at a time when open courses are notoriously difficult to fill, another IOSH Approved Coaching for safety course has sold-out. It’s another clear indication – if one were needed – of the value safety people are increasingly placing on soft-skills.

So what is it about Coaching for safety that it is rapidly becoming ‘the’ must-attend safety event?

Firstly, it’s unlike any other safety course, designed as it is to help delegates be collaborative and supportive rather than directive. And because it’s not a technical course, it’s a real leveler; Heads of Safety sit next to safety novices, sit next to non-safety managers and there’s no telling whose communication skills will be strongest.

Coaching for safety attracts delegates from all sectors which makes for a vibrant, learning environment. Imagine a class where, as was recently the case, there are delegates from food manufacturing, event management, medical research, university education, a county council and 2 freelance practitioners, all in the same room! The content is relevant no matter where you practice your safety.

It is highly-participative. We contact every delegate before the event and ask them to think about and decide the topics they will bring for several exercises including the live coaching sessions – there are no contrived scenarios and absolutely no role-play.

And last but not least, it’s great fun and people find it both enjoyable and really worthwhile. We’re delighted with all the testimonials we’ve received, many of which we’ve included on this website, but what’s really special is when delegates choose to write to us privately, with their own case-studies, explaining the difference these new skills have made to their working lives.


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