What’s the problem that Coaching for safety solves?

Being coaches, relentlessly positive and solutions-focussed, we believe in Saint Jerome’s adage “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best.” That’s how we see IOSH Approved Coaching for safety, as a development opportunity, designed to facilitate a transformation from good, to better and best. We understand however, that it’s usual these days to ask what problem it is that a product or service has been designed to solve.

So, whilst things are undoubtedly improving, what would you say is the traditional stereotype of a health and safety practitioner? Would you say that they are thought to be technically strong but often inflexible, driven by policies, standards and procedures with little mind for the realities of working situations? That they are often unable to engage with people in a way that encourages engagement and the contribution of their colleagues? Would you say that ultimately, the  traditional stereotype is of a professional that is unable to provide the support that organisations need, one that has to adapt for a more modern reality?

Do the above statements describe members of your health and safety team? Do they describe you? If yes, do you know what you’re going to do to address this and when?

These are the problems that IOSH Approved Coaching for safety has been designed to solve. By providing skills to complement the technical knowledge that practitioners have, it’s a course to help them develop a collaborative style with a view to better, more productive relationships and more effective conversations.

IOSH Approved Coaching for safety has been gradually maturing over several years and steadily developing an excellent reputation as a must-attend training programme that is like no other – don’t miss out.

When                 Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th December 2017

Where                Aberdeen Football Club, Pittodrie Stadium, Pittodrie Street, Aberdeen AB24 5QH

Early-bird          £425 + VAT (until 31st October 2017)

Price                   £525 + VAT

Download a booking form here or call Michael on 01706 217122 or 0792 191 4099.

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