Be curious.

We’re nature’s ultimate

learning machines and

it’s our curiosity

that drives us.

“This course, its content and delivery, is

nothing short of fantastic!”

Ken Mudd, UK EHS Manager, Armstrong World Industries.

IOSH Approved Coaching for safety 14th and 15th May 2019, Wychwood Park Hotel & Golf Club, Weston, Crewe, Cheshire CW2 5GP.

The very best practitioners are those

who marry that [technical] knowledge with

what we might call those ‘human skills’ of

listening, communicating

and influencing.

Tim Briggs, President, IOSH – SHP Lead comment, July 2014.

Be the best you can be

with IOSH Approved Coaching for safety

Be the best

you can be…

Securus Health & Safety Limited is a Lancashire-based consultancy established in 2009 by Michael Emery. Michael is a career safety professional who’s managed health and safety for several leading organisations, household names at home and abroad. As a qualified Executive Coach accredited with the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC), Michael helps other safety professionals be the very best they can be, whether it’s 1:1 coaching support they need or training in the use of coaching skills themselves through the unique IOSH Approved Coaching for safety programme. Michael also helps organisations develop a more person-centred approach to managing health and safety through the development of a coaching culture for safety.


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Be the best you can be

With our unique, highly-participative, IOSH Approved Coaching for safety programme.

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At Securus our modus operandi is propelled by our passion for coaching and mentoring skills. We’d love our legacy to be that we helped change the safety profession in the UK for the better through our work.
First and foremost we’re focused on helping other health and safety practitioners be the very best they can be through our unique IOSH Approved Coaching for safety programme. But our other health and safety training courses too are driven by our coaching and mentoring mentality. And as for our health and safety development programme, the objective is simple – to leave our skills and our knowledge behind in your organisation so that you don’t notice when we’re gone.
Coaching for Safety

Coaching for Safety

If you believe, as we do, that the role of a safety practitioner is to support managers and help them to exercise their responsibilities for health and safety – that’s why coaches exist, to be collaborative, supportive and helpful.

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Health & Safety Training

Health & Safety Training

In addition to our flagship IOSH Approved Coaching for safety programme, we provide health and safety courses that are professionally developed to provide delegates with the knowledge and understanding required to manage health and safety in the workplace.

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Health & Safety Development

Health & Safety Development

We have extensive experience of developing new health and safety arrangements for businesses large and small, and of fixing ailing systems that are simply unmanageable. Our approach is entirely consistent with OHSAS 18001.

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Health & Safety Radar

Health & Safety Radar

To find out where you are on the H&S Radar and receive a free report on the health of your health and safety arrangements, please complete the Radar here.

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Approved Coaching

for Safety course

is proving a great success…


Read what delegates have to say about the course below and if you’d like to find out more, or you’d like to book, please click here.

“Probably the best training course I have been on. Truly inspiring!”

Tim Birkin

Safety & Health Practitioner, Hosking Associates

“This course, its content and delivery, is nothing short of fantastic!”

Ken Mudd

UK EHS Manager, Armstrong World Industries

“A must-attend course for any leader or aspiring leader. This course opens the eyes and adds new skills for leading diverse teams.”

Huw Edwards

Project Director, Network Rail

After two days with Michael and Arnie, my colleagues and I left the training room with our eyes opened. Such an inspirational, motivational and uplifting experience. Without a doubt the best investment in our people we have ever made.

Carl Beckett

SHE Coordinator, ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions SSC West Europe

“One of the best training courses I’ve ever been on with fantastic presenters who made it even more enjoyable!  An exceptional learning experience, highly recommended for anyone needing to engage with employees or colleagues – it’ll improve your abilities tenfold.”

Emma McCuish

SHE Adviser - Mission Systems, BAE Systems plc

“Michael brings coaching to life with humour and assurance. Every safety practitioner needs this course.”

Melanie Boucher

Head of Health & Safety, The London School of Economics (LSE)

“An excellent course, very interesting and relevant. I will be looking to it for the wider team within Muller.”

Graeme Westland

Head of Health & Safety, Muller UK & Ireland

“The  IOSH Approved Coaching for safety course delivered by Michael is a unique, highly participative workshop focused on the essential communication skills that we all need to develop if we want to have real impact in the workplace. This is one of the best courses I have ever attended. Michael has real skill both as a trainer and communicator.  This course and coaching skills should be a compulsory part of the professional training and CPD of all  practitioners.”

Peter Roddis

Head of Health & Safety Service, Sheffield Hallam University

“An excellent course. The content and delivery were outstanding!”

Jack Fox

Health & Safety Coordinator, A Premier League Football Club

“I would absolutely recommend the Coaching for safety course provided by Michael Emery. Experienced and aspiring safety professionals alike should place this course at the top of their MUST do list. Superb!”

Terry McGuinness

Safety Officer, Prosafe Offshore Limited

“Coaching for safety should be an essential part of every safety professional’s tool kit. Most of us have the technical skills, but the softer skills of how to influence and persuade others are just as essential. Michael’s great delivery, experience and analogies as a safety practitioner are essential to link the course back to the day job.”

Jon Coneybeare

SHE Manager, BAE Systems

“What a fantastic and worthwhile two days. Worth every minute and every penny.”

Rebecca Purchase

Health & Safety Adviser, Canary Wharf Management Limited

“Without doubt, the single most useful course in my 20-year career in occupational safety and health. I’ve never been so enthused by a course and I can’t wait to practice the techniques.”

Dean Baker

Health & Safety Manager, Welsh Water

“This is exactly the sort of skill development that will take health and safety practitioners forward as mainstream to business success.”

Paul Stirk

Head of Safety, University College London (UCL)

“I have taken a huge amount away from your course. Without a doubt it’s going to be a real game-changer for me – easily the most worthwhile training experience I have received in a very long time.”

Matt Edwards

Safety Officer, Prosafe Offshore Limited

Latest news

and course information


Here’s where you can keep up-to-date with the latest Securus news and features including details of up-coming courses and original articles on coaching for safety.

Our next open Coaching for safety course will be taking place at the very impressive Wychwood Park Hotel & Golf Club just off the M6 in Crewe on Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th May 2019. There’s been unprecedented interest and we’re almost sold-out already so if you’re interested in attending, there’s no time to waste, contact us now.

Over the years we’ve provided introductory or taster sessions at health and safety gatherings up and down the country. They’ve been great fun to present and the feedback has always been extremely positive so we’re now offering them for in-company. Have a look at our latest blog and if you’re interested in a highly-participative health and safety presentation with a difference, please do get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.

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Coaching for safety – FREE Introductory session

Since IOSH Approved Coaching for safety was first launched in January 2013, we’ve been providing introductory or taster sessions to anyone who would invite us in. We’ve presented at numerous IOSH Branch meetings from the Highlands and Islands Branch in the north, to the South Downs Branch in the south, and from both the North Wales and South Wales Branches in the west, to the Humberside Branch in the east. And we’ve presented to non-IOSH health and safety groups as diverse as the Universities Safety and Health Association (USHA) and the Confederation of British Metal Forming (CBM). Over this time, two subtly different formats of presentation have emerged. One has, as the central focus, an active listening exercise, and in the second the emphasis is on questioning and being person-centred. Both have been great fun to present and both have received very positive feedback from the groups. We’d now like to offer these introductory sessions for in-company. Do you have regular Health & Safety Team meetings? Do you run special events for Safety Week say, or for an in-company conference? If so, why not make room on the agenda for a highly-participative presentation with a difference. We can provide a valuable insight into what coaching is (and what it isn’t) and how necessary coaching skills are for the modern Practitioner and the quest for a safer culture. We can adapt the session to provide the emphasis you want, and we can be flexible to suit your time constraints. And, it’s absolutely FREE.* So, please call us today to discuss your requirements. * Reasonable conditions... read more

FREE Coaching for safety podcast

Richard Collins of Safeti Health, Safety & Environment is a man on a mission. His aim, no less, is to “break down the barriers to Health, Safety & Environment learning” and one of his strategies for achieving this is to “provide you with valuable, no-nonsense HSE content to help you learn, share and influence.” Richard is well on his way to developing an impressive community through The Safeti Podcast where he boasts that “We bring together some of the brightest minds in the Health, Safety & Environment space to help you supercharge your knowledge, career or business”. Needless to say then, that I was all the more flattered recently, to be invited by Richard to record a podcast on Coaching for safety for his site. What surprised me about the experience of recording the podcast was this. The 5th anniversary of Coaching for safety achieving IOSH Approval earlier this year, provided an obvious opportunity for reflection; thinking back over the journey and in particular, the difficulties in the early days of practitioners not understanding what coaching is and not valuing soft skills. So I didn’t expect to be doing a great deal of reflecting quite so soon. Driven by Richard’s excellent questioning however, reflect I did. Coaching for safety has undoubtedly changed my professional life profoundly. A traditional, systems-based practitioner for over 20-years, discovering the importance of ‘real’ coaching skills and developing what became IOSH Approved Coaching for safety provided a much-needed ‘shot in the arm’ and shoved my career onto an entirely unexpected path. But Richard’s excellent question about what I thought an insightful question was, crystallised a couple... read more

Cerealto’s OH&S Policy Boards

Some companies have manuals available in the supervisor’s office or on a shelf in the safety department. Others have their OH&S policy statements on-line, but not everyone has access to a PC. Others still produce leaflets and distribute them to staff. Some of them might get read but virtually all will get binned or lost. It’s not the most exciting reading material after all; people are only interested when they’re interested and more often than not, that’s when there’s an issue. At Cerealto, they’ve developed a format where the details of a specific OH&S policy, are shown on one side of a piece of paper and posted at the entrance to every department, a very public demonstration of the company’s commitment. People are only interested when they’re interested, but when they are they have immediate access to the company policy which states very clearly, who is going to do what to protect people from … you name it … fork lift trucks, hazardous chemicals, lifting equipment, pressure systems etc. etc. Each OH&S Policy is consulted widely before it is accepted as the standard and posted. If issues arise, they’re an excellent source of reference and the perfect focal point for a conversation about what needs to happen. And if you’re thinking about certification to BS EN 45001, this approach is relevant to so many clauses including OH&S Policy (clause 5.2), Organisational Roles and Responsibilities (5.3), Determination of legal requirements and other requirements (6.1.3), Planning action (6.1.4), Communication (7.4), Operational Planning and Control (8.1) and Evaluation of compliance (9.1.2b) and perhaps more besides. We’re not quite finished yet, but we’re getting... read more

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