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Practitioner Coaching & Mentoring

One of the reasons many OSH practitioners enjoy the role is its scope – every day is different and the ‘hats’ we’re required to wear are extremely varied and challenging. Often we’re advisers, the ownership for the solution to a problem rests with other people but we’re there to support. Sometimes we’re consultants – people ask a question and require an answer and that’s more or less all there is to it. Sometimes we’re trainers, inspectors, auditors, investigators, assessors … the list can seem endless. Many of us are even managers with other practitioners under our charge.

Being a great OSH practitioner often means doing all of these things and doing them well. No matter how experienced or how qualified you are, the complexity of our role and the variety of the challenges we face means that inevitably, occasions will arise when you need support. When that happens, we can help.

What sort of problems do people bring to coaching?

Whatever the problem or difficulty is that’s on your mind, it’s more likely than not that it will be a suitable topic for coaching. It could be adjusting to a change, dealing with a difficult relationship, uncertainty about a career move, making progress with a demanding project, a lack of confidence about your abilities … the list goes on.

How does coaching and mentoring work?

Coaching is a non-directive form of development. Trained coaches are able to drive the investigations that lead to breakthrough moments. Through active listening and by asking insightful questions, they hold a mirror up to the coachee supporting him/her to understand their situation more fully and find a way forward. Coaches exist to be collaborative and supportive and to help others perform better.

Mentoring uses the same skills as coaching but is generally used to describe a situation where a more experienced person uses their greater knowledge and understanding to support the development of another.

Why choose Michael Emery to be your coach?

Michael Emery CMIOSH has been an OSH Practitioner since 1988. He’s worked in some of the toughest industries and for some of the world’s most famous brands, household names at home and abroad. As a career OSH professional, Michael understands the world of health and safety and has experienced many of the challenges that practitioners face.

Michael is also a qualified coach accredited with the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC) in London. As such he has developed the skills that under-pin a collaborative and supportive approach. This means that he is able to support you in understanding your situation more fully and finding the best way forward for you.

Michael is able to help you by telephone, Zoom or in person at a time that suits you best and as an AoEC accredited coach, he is bound by strict rules of confidentiality. You can read more about the confidentiality of coaching conversations and other standards of ethical conduct here.

What next?

Why not contact Michael today on 0792 191 4099 for an introductory, no obligation chat. We can briefly discuss your situation and what it is you’d like to achieve and we can explore how Michael might be able to help.

Alternatively, please feel free to email Michael at

Michael Emery

Michael Emery

Career OSH Practitioner and qualified coach

“Hello, I’m Michael Emery and as a career practitioner for almost 30-years, I know how challenging managing health and safety can be, for duty holders and for practitioners. As a qualified coach, accredited with the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC), I’ve seen time and again how coaching skills can change thinking and unlock possibilities.”

Wherever you are in your health and safety journey, call now and let us help.