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High-Performance Engagement

So popular has our IOSH Approved Coaching for safety programme become, we are often asked for a non-safety coaching course suitable for managers, supervisors and others. What these organisations come to appreciate, is that the way people communicate with each other determines, to a large degree, the kind of culture the organisation has, and engaging positively and collaboratively as coaches do, is important in shaping the kind of culture they aspire to have.

The skills coaches use, help them to access the very valuable knowledge, experience and understanding their colleagues have about what is going on and what is possible. Many organisations say they regard their people as their most important resource but only the most enlightened invest in the skills that are required to tap into that resource for the benefit of the organisation.

High-Performance Engagement has been designed to provide these very skills and to help organisations develop a collaborative work culture in which employees are solution focused and engaging positively to help each other solve problems and perform better.

This is a unique, highly-participative workshop with absolutely no power-point … we only need a projector to show film clips.


High-Performance Engagement is a 1-day training programme which includes: –


Module 1        Introduction

Module 2        What is High-performance engagement?

Module 3        Questioning

Module 4        The TU-GROW Model

Module 5        Group coaching conversation

Module 6        Engagement skills session 1

Module 7        Questioning and curiosity

Module 8        Engagement skills session 2

Module 9        Active listening

Module 10      Engagement skills session 3

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