Management Coaching

It’s a common refrain of safety practitioners that “managers have to own health and safety.” They do of course but how do practitioners facilitate this?

At Securus, we collaborate. We know about the law and the standards that need to be achieved and we’ve experience of how other organisations have managed health and safety and solved problems. This is the specialist knowledge and understanding we bring to the conversation but it’s not this alone that makes us the ideal partners to help you – it’s our coaching skills.

As qualified coaches we have the highly-developed communication skills required to form productive alliances with your managers and support them in exercising their responsibilities.

You and your managers know about your business, its processes and people and the operational constraints that influence the choices you make. You know about what will work and what won’t work.

Coaching is about collaborating; our specialist safety knowledge with the understanding you have for your business working together to find the safe ways of working that work best for you.

Whether you’re a business leader concerned about your safety performance, or a line manager trying to find the most practicable solution to a health and safety problem, we can support you in achieving your goals.