IOSH Approved Coaching for safety

Coaching for safety is about much more than simply having ‘safety conversations’ as part of a behavioural safety implementation. It’s about helping individuals to develop a more collaborative style – coaches exist to be collaborative and supportive and to help others perform better. But we’re not satisfied with merely developing coaches.

IOSH Approved Coaching for safety can be a stand-alone course (for many it is) but it can also be the first step in an extended programme of support where the goal ultimately is to develop a coaching culture for safety – through coaching.

IOSH Approved Coaching for safety is a unique, highly-participative programme based on a number of practical exercises all involving real-life issues and problems the delegates bring themselves – there is absolutely no role-play.

IOSH Approved Coaching for safety is a 2-day workshop which covers: –

Module 1         What is the role of an OSH practitioner? (And what do practitioners actually do?)

Module 2         What are the attributes of a good practitioner?

Module 3         Styles of safety practice

Module 4         What is coaching?

Module 5         What are the attributes of a good coach? (Includes an exercise on how to be person-centred)

Module 6         The GROW Model

Module 7         Coaching skills session 1 (The coach practices GROW being person-centred)

Module 8         Active listening (Includes an active listening exercise)

Module 9         Coaching skills session 2 (The coach practices GROW, being person-centred and actively listening)

Module 10       Being solutions-focused

Module 11       Coaching skills session 3 (The coach practices GROW being person-centred, actively … you get the idea)

End Test          Successful candidates receive an IOSH Certificate

For our next open course, we’ll be at the Holiday Inn Express London – Heathrow T5, London Road, Slough, Berkshire SL3 8QB on Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th September 2019. I hope you can join us.