IOSH Approved Coaching for safety

We designed IOSH Approved Coaching for safety for two reasons. Firstly, because we passionately believe that the role of an OSH practitioner is to be collaborative and supportive and to help others perform better. And secondly, because nothing like it existed.

This is a unique, highly-participative programme based on a number of practical exercises all involving real-life issues and problems the delegates bring themselves – there is absolutely no role-play.

IOSH Approved Coaching for safety is a 2-day workshop which covers: –

Module 1         What is the role of an OSH practitioner? (And what do practitioners actually do?)

Module 2         What are the attributes of a good practitioner?

Module 3         Styles of safety practice

Module 4         What is coaching?

Module 5         What are the attributes of a good coach? (Includes an exercise on being person-centred)

Module 6         The GROW Model

Module 7         Coaching skills session 1 (The coach practices GROW being person-centred)

Module 8         Active listening (Includes an active listening exercise)

Module 9         Coaching skills session 2 (The coach practices GROW, being person-centred and actively listening)

Module 10       Being solutions-focused

Module 11       Coaching skills session 3 (The coach practices GROW being person-centred, actively … you get the idea)

End Test          Successful candidates receive an IOSH Certificate

For our next open course, we’re back at the Pittodrie Stadium, home of Aberdeen Football Club on Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th December 2017. We’re taking bookings already so if you’re ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ about whether or not you should attend, don’t dither for long.